Monday, December 8, 2008

I Sold It All - I Can't Do Everything

I was planning on showing everybody some new sets, but J. Nie sold within 10 hours of listing it. Painted Cowrie was sold within a few hours. There's Black Diamond, Crystal. Half-Baked, Good Hair, and J. Nie are in limbo until I get some black spacers. I ordered some similar to them and I'll have to see how they look. My supplier isn't order the ones I need until January. I still haven't taken a picture of Ruby which is pretty much the same as BDiamond & Crystal.

I have decided not to take on anymore Sisterlock clients. I am not installing anymore unless it's family.

I have also decided not to do anymore hair ties - the stretchy ones after Turquoise Nites sells out. They are to damn tedious for me to make and I can't even remember how they look. If I have to stop and look up a product, then my heart is surely not in it.

Last week I had twelve orders and two clients. Sunday brought three orders and the client that was scheduled agreed to meet another day.

I am focusing my time on Tomoka's Twists! Oh, and another product. I did a video on it like a week ago.

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Take care!


Lisa @ Serah's said...

I're a busy bee.

CarmenNC said...

Hello Serah, yes indeed, very busy. I actually like it, too.

cheleski said...

oooo why no more clients? time or is the joy gone?