Sunday, November 2, 2008

My 100th Retightening

Last night I went to the local, ghetto corner store and instead of the normal dime bag hustlers hanging out - there was a precious boy and his parents selling Barack pins. Children can sell me anything or get money from me easily. Even if I don't want a box of popcorn or melted M&Ms in the summer, I'll just give them the money. Selling in person is a scary thing and I sympathize with little children trying to raise money.

His father is an airbrusher and I have this plan to have him re-vamp Tomoka on wood.

I joke on the 100th retightening. I retightening as the locks slip, which is after each shampoo. I also repaired some that had gaps. I just slide the stiches down and go from there. I had one that slipped as I retightened. It was like chasing the Gingerbread Man. My ends need to be conditioned, but I'll skip that whole thing because I'll have no locks at all. Other than it growing, my hair hasn't changed.

I've noticed that I do not get many sales from etsy. They come from the main website. If I was picking which one to buy from, I'd go to main website myself. But if there was no choice, then etsy it would be. I don't think etsy kills sales because if a person wants a product, they'll buy it out of the back of a car. Oh well, pancakes for breakfast?

Rarely does the radio play music that is different. Either it's top 10 R&B and Rap. We have three main radio stations and if you listen for more than two hours - you'll hear three songs by the same artist and might hear the same song again. I know they have to pay bills. Yet, my favorite station of them all is A&T's 90.1fm. They play House, Go-Go, and more. I had never heard this Love Lockdown before until listening to 90.1. The only station that plays this song. So I'm looking all over for this song. I called Tomoka who never answers the $#&! phone and always has some hot ringer and OMG she had Love Lockdown. To my surprise Kayne West! Wow, the last song I loved by him was the one with the video of him homeless with two children living in the department store and the singer was a security guard. Good music.

UPDATE - Speaking of M&Ms, a little girl was selling some in the pet store $1 per pack. I gave missy pooh $2 and told her I wanted one pack. She said that she had to sell them all before she could go home and told me that I could get two. So, I took two packs. I guess tiredness took over fear of selling. I feel you kiddo. Have a safe trip to Florida.


Tonia said...

you have a heart for the babies like I do :)
So how would it go over with Cass wearing a good hair twist?

CarmenNC said...

LOL, funny you ask about good hair. I was thinking of Cassidy last night when I was buying more alphabet beads but couldn't come up with a second word for the other side. 'Cassidy Rocks' I'm lame sometimes, but I like it. They had bright colored beads too.

rmcandlelight said...

Carmen, I will be locked 1 year next week. My ends are still open I have some of them with little beads of knotted hair on the ends. My nape area comes undone every time I wash. I'm patient though. Can you do a video showing us your locks?

CarmenNC said...

rmcandlelight - That's a good idea for a video. I'll try. I do need to take some pictures at least.