Saturday, October 25, 2008

DIY SL Maintenance - Paper Planes

These are probably tasks that you are already doing, but someone might not know about them.

1. Separate your locks. Why do you have to do this? It keeps the locks separated at the root preventing matting and hairs from crossing over into other locks. Your consultant will appreciate this because the parts will be easy to follow. If you are paying by the hour, then it will save you money because your consultant will spend less time clearing your parts.

If you have frizzy locks like mine, it keeps the locks from sticking together. My hair turns into velcro when wet.

2. If you have frizzy locks and you don't like it here's a simple remedy. I want to first caution those who want their locks perfect. Get a wig because Sisterlocks are skinny dreadlocks manipulated by humans. We are not in a fairytail spinning gold trying to figure out a little man's name. On with the tip....After you shampoo your hair, finger roll your locks. Put your lock in between your thumb and index finger and roll it back and forth while going down the lock. Small locks should not be palmed rolled. Your hands will create too much friction and force, so use your smooth, gentle fingertips.

3. If your locks are bunch prone, then pull them GENTLY. I want to stress not to over do this. Also, this is for early stage bunching. When the hairs are just beginning to draw into the lock. If you find a lock that has begun to bunch, pinch the lock above the bunching area. Put the hand that you are pinching with on your head for leverage. That prevents you from pulling your hair out of your head. With fingers from the other hand, pull the lock down. If at any point you can feel your hair pulling at the root, then stop.

Paper Planes by M.I.A
Does anyone else think that this song is a war song or a political song? I would link the video, but videos are always so sweet and harmless. She's just a pretty girl walking around town 80s fashions. How innocent and precious?!?! Lyrics The guitar riff was sampled from Clash's Straight to Hell. I have both playing so if you want to hear them both - scroll way to the bottom and look for the green music box.

This is what M.I.A says about her song " I was going to get patties at my local and just thinking that really the worst thing that anyone can say [to someone these days] is some shit like: ”What I wanna do is come and get your money.” People don’t really feel like immigrants or refugees contribute to culture in any way. That they’re just leeches that suck from whatever. So in the song I say All I wanna do is [sound of gun shooting and reloading, cash register opening] and take your money. I did it in sound effects. It’s up to you how you want to interpret. America is so obsessed with money, I’m sure they’ll get it. "

"Some some some some I murder, some some I let go"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips!

Naturally Sophia said...

Carmen you are my musical twin. Right now, this is my favorite hip hop song. I think you are right; but that she is kinda is talking about herself too as an immigrant artist. She is Indian but also a Brit that is doing pop music. Imagine how much negativity she has received from the ppl of the world who don't want lil brown girls to break out of their pigeon holes?

CarmenNC said...

meikmeika - you're welcome, just trying to help a little.

naturally sophia - when i first heard the song, i'm like what an arrogant little hussy. but I had to really listen and finally i just found the lyrics. people really speak through music - every word is there for a reason. so, i really had to hear what M.I.A was saying and now I find it not just a catchy song, but sad in some ways, and she's really standing up for some.

Thandi said...

You guys need to teleport yourselves to South Africa!You, your loctitician skills and your hair ties etc.Envy doesn't begin to describe it!

CarmenNC said...

Thandi, thank you for stopping by. Instead of saying envy - think of it as admiration to the next level. I used envy that hussy Beyonce. She's got a banging body, pretty, nice weaves, stole my second favorite rapper from me (Rakim is the best), can dance. I mean she can fall down stairs in a huge gown during concert, get up, and keep singing and dancing. She is a hard working young lady. There are a few other ladies I admire and try to learn from them.