Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Cable - Prison Break - Love

So I don't have cable, but I should not have to miss out on the show that has my mother so involved that she can barely talk. When she said that she was watching Prison Break, I was like how good can a prison movie be on regular tv. She gave PB a B+ as compared to the A+ she gave OZ. Now there are no naked men, so that does take it down from an A+ to and A already. But after watching the first season of PB, I must say this show is the shonuff shizznit. I'm involved. I love the show. It's so good. I might hold out on the second season. LOL. Imma start the first episode right now. HAHAHAHA.

This is for all the hours that was not watching cable when I had cable.


blackrussian said...

Funny. Gotta say I'm a Wentworth Miller fan. He is shonuf a cutie.

I was an advocate for PB from the beginning and tried to tell ppl 'bout it and everyone was like you.

"Prison movie/show on broadcast tv can't be worth watching - won't be believable, can't hold my attention," they said.

I watched the entire first season when it was first run on FOX, but I lost track in season two cause my life got crazy with the break-up and the layoff and the chaos that ensued.

Missed season 3 with my business start-up and didn't really want to start watching such a serial-intensive program after having missed like 25 episodes anyway.

Never got a chance to catch up with the DVDs.

Bit the bullet and watched the season 4 premiere anyway.

Obviously missed a lot but was like, oh well.

Because in season 4 I'm wondering about the general sustainability.

Season 1 was good and so was the beginning of season 2, but I'm not sure how good the end of season 2 and all of season 3 CAN be.

Sometimes shows like this get out of control with the plot twists. They just start throwing in random deaths and resurrections and reappearances and other surprises for cheap shock value.

I hope that when I do catch up I will find that they have managed to avoid this trap.

CarmenNC said...

You know shows after a few seasons do get a bit ridiculous. I know they are trying to drag the plot out as long as they can, but it can become a soap opera really fast before you know it.