Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miss S, Ties, Mama's Paintings, Twiggies

Miss S's Small Sisterlocks

Miss A's Large Sisterlocks

In my last post some hours ago, I said that I needed a break from the computer in order to reflect on my life. I did and was able to get complete some projects that I started and went to dinner with a friend. Well what really happened was Lover came over and got on the computer. In panic of what to do, I started making ties and stuff. He helped design the earrings for Sky Blue and the GTOD twiggie. We were both hungry and went out. I was already to cook a bagged frozen skillet dinner in the rice cooker.

Miss D came over yesterday and I forgot to take pictures. What was I thinking?

Miss S came over today and I had the camera waiting on her. She's taken pictures before so I knew she'd be ready even though she's another client that hates to smile. I know I look Asian by the time my cheeks close my eyes when I smile, but I love to smile for the camera. Which brings up a good song - Peg by Steely Dan. I know that song via De La Soul's Eye Know. Blah, blah, blah.

As you can tell I love the slide show thing. It is so easy. I've used the picaso thing and that required too much work. I don't need double copies of stuff. As soon as I open the program - the pictures in my Kodak file start transfering. Who has time for that? Not me. Then it's just a boring collage. BOO.

I've included pictures of Miss S. She tied a lock in a knot trying to retighten her hair. I was able to get it out. She has a lot of new growth and slippage around her ears. I also want to show how different her hair texture is from most people. She says that her hair is not as 'good' as mine. For that I will cut off a whole lock next time. Just kidding. Actually she said that people ask her if any have broken off since they are so skinny. She said how would she know with so many and would it matter.

I'm also sharing some of the pictures my mother painted. People ask me if I did the paintings. Heck no, my mother did those. I also have Cape Hatteras in another room. I gave a hand at painting and I've been working on the lady for 4 years I guess. Pitiful I know.


Brown ButtahFly said...

You couldn't stay away hunh? lol
Anyhow I made a mistake and put a knot in one locks too and it's still there because I don't know how to take it out, lol. Anyhow your new ties and twigies look so pretty. I see you and your mom are blessed with creativity, her paintings are beautiful. Take Care

CarmenNC said...

brown buttahfly - I did stay away. LOL. I just kept working at the knot. I think it helps when you can actually see it and it's not in your own hair causing frustration. I figured out how it was knotted and took my time until it came out. Thank you for all the compliments - my mom and I dibble and dabble in a little bit of everything. Gotta stay busy.

Naturally Sophia said...

I like it when you post, so thanks for not taking a break (i know, selfish!). Also thanks for stopping by, I actually need to catch up on your blog. Thanks for posting the paintings, I like. Also, I like that you posted Ms. S's hair. It reminds me of my hair somewhat. It's good to see others out there with hair that is considered "bad" for SLs. LOL!

CarmenNC said...

Thanks for dropping in, it's becoming harder and harder to keep up with everyone. I'm like if I blog on the regular, at least they will know I'm ok whenever they do visit.

Yes Miss S is a wonderful model of they said it wouldn't lock type hair. It's beautiful and unique. She gets compliments and people stop her to take pictures of her hair. How cool is that?!?!