Monday, June 23, 2008

Yellow and Toys


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Introducing Tomoka's Toys


Anonymous said...

soster im glad that you thought it over. thats not your you cant control that. but this is and you can make it bigger and better. Im here with you and there with you. you know i got your back. I'll take three more days for y ou if i have to.

hold your head

love you

CarmenNC said...

LOL, Moe you're cool with me. Thanks for calling a sister down and helping me see it from another point of view. The donation is not refundable and in the paypal dispute I told her exactly why I did not want to be a member. The constant put downs of Sisterlocks and the whole incident with the thread.

Paypal disputes burn you to the core. I know. I've had my share of scammers.

It's just the Devil working through people to get on my nerves and destroy my spirit. They don't know who I am.

Did you get a chance to see Jeffrey's arms. The man looks better now than he did when the song first came out. I can woo woo woo.

S0uthernGirl said...

I think I missed a posting but I know what you're talking about any way.

The funniest part about the whole thing is that it's the people who holla the loudest that they are pro-nappy are the very ones who are knocking methods of achieving that goal instead of supporting sistas who are open to giving it a chance *huh*? I'm so thrown.

I just allowed myself to get pulled back into that foolishness despite the fact that there is very little content of value in the thread, but I'm done... As long as no one comes at me wrong lol.

aybee77 said...

Yeah, I think I missed something too, but anyway .... The important thing is, what are Tomoka's Toys? And are you selling them? :-)

CarmenNC said...

Tomoka's Toys will be lock dangle jewelry, if the line is ever created.

aybee77 said...

I have to say it's cute. :-)

CarmenNC said...

aybee77, thank you. let's see what y'all missed. Just a bunch mess about women starting locks with relaxed ends. People are unique, I cannot and will not try to force, beat, yell at somebody for the way they start their locks. I will not put down anyone on how their locks look. I have heard and read far too much about this lock is better than that lock. You don't have real locks because of this. Your locks are ugly because of this. My locks are better because of this. I'm a real locker because I changed my life and it's spiritual. You're just wearing it as a hairstyle. Blah, blah, blah. It gets under my skin. You have people out there that will beat you over the head saying that you're journey is nothing because you have such and such locks. It's foolish.

I have advertised on a particular hair site that is supposed to help ladies become natural and embrace their natural hair. Two ads for $44 a piece. I donated twice at $20 a piece. There was a thread created about Tomoka's Twists and it was closed for review. I subscribed and in the subcribed forum they were starting threads to attack locks started with relaxed ends and threads were created and let remain open for pages to talk about particular members. Jerry Springer Show. After I subscribed the thread on Tomoka's Twists was shortly deleted altogether. Vanished. Gone. So, I asked for my money back. After having to explain why I wanted my money back. I was refunded my loot. Thank you!

I will be a member of a forum that allows a coward hiding behind a moderator status or screen names trash talk Sisterlocks and people who want, have, install, and/or maintain them. Nor will I pay to have my product deleted. I can take that $20 and buy beads.

People want to bad mouth Sisterlocks because they cannot afford SLs. They transitioned for months wearing hideous weaves, cheap wigs, and traction alopecia causing braids. People want to say SLs are the fast food of locks. Who wouldn't want to hurry up and do something to have a hairstyle that is transitioning them into a beautiful set of locks???

People want to say you should get to know your natural hair first. Fine. I agree with that to a point. I know how hard it is to detangle and style loose natural hair. Everybody knows that. Some people don't want to go through the middle man when they can go to straight to the supplier. Analogy works for Sisterlocks. I'm through. That's what y'all missed.

aybee77 said...

Wow, carmen, I can see you're still upset. I would be too if I felt personally attacked. Don't attack others in the process, I think you're better than that. I do agree with you that there's no one way to do things. Different people call for different methods. I'm not going to tell my permed sister (who wants locks) to cut off her hair, get to know it, and blah blah etc, before she can lock because she's not going to do that. She doesn't want a TWA or fro, or loose hair of any kind, she wants locks. Sisterlocks and freeformed locks, palm rolls and braids, spiritual locks and hairstyle locks should all be able to live together in harmony, lol. I agree with moe, concentrate on what you can control -- your beautiful, creative, wonderful products.

S0uthernGirl said...

Hey girlie,

Just breathe lol. I'm not sure if you've been back to the other site but it looks like your comments were taken into consideration and it actually opened up the conversation. I think there were some misconceptions on both sides, isn't that the way it always is?

At any rate, I agree with aybee... don't let anything get in the way of your creativity. Just keep doing you and let your work speak for itself.