Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm not sure if I said that I was working again. I'm working at PFG in the lab. I like this job. So much that going in at 5am and staying to 3pm isn't that bad. It's supposed to be 5 days a week, but we had today off.

On my day off I will install my Muslim friend, April's, hair. Yeah. Then I will mail off a gang of TT orders.

I just want to say that I have been really feeling like Frank Lucas or Wayne Bradey (when he went gangster on Chappelle). I ordered some beads February 12th and they got here March 6th. "Is Wayne Bradey gonna have to choke a ho?" I need to cut out the middle man.

I met a new guy too. Instead of playing LTD's Back In Love Again. I should have played Fergie's Clumbsy. I really wanted Little Richard's Girl Can't Help It.

If you have seen Kat Williams' American Hustler. You know what I mean by everyday I'm hustling.


muslimahlocs said...

did i miss the pictures of your hair? i hope the new job serves its purpose for you. salaams to your muslims friend.

CarmenNC said...

she knows of you muslimahlocs. i'm posting now. this new job is killing me. i need the money, so i can quit. it takes money to make money.

Naturally Sophia said...

LOL! Carmen. Geesh! Everyday I'm hustling too. By the way, I love all the songs you referenced. You know I am sending you positivity and get your hustle on girl!

CarmenNC said...

naturally sophia, get your hustle on girl. I enjoy music. I worked at Willie's Records during college. Are those stores still around? Thank you for the good vibes and I'm sending you some now. I'll stop by your blog.

n'Drea said...

Hey, glad you got a new job.

BTW, is this a pic of your finished hair? Bwoy, I have to say again that I have to give kudos to you for doing your own hair. You gots skills, girl.

Carmen said...

LOL, Yes n'drea that's the finished results. It really doesn't look that much different from the first set. I have less loose ends and the parts are correct this go round. But it really does look like I dug up some pictures of the first set? I had help with the back, so I can't claim all the skills.