Saturday, December 8, 2007

People Will Wear Them

I have good news and bad news. Tomoka's Twists did very well at the Charlotte Sisterlocks Meet & Greet hosted by Blessedgemlady. So well that Betty Davis sold out as well as both styles of Tambourine. Don't worry I will get some more Betty Davis beads. The first thing I thought after my family said 'SELL THEM' was 'they're not going to wear them'. The comeback - "If you don't sell them, no one will wear them."
You wear them well! Here's Salt-N-Pepper Diva wearing Purple & Blue. These are handmade clay beads. You're hair looks wonderful!

They've arrived - today(5th dec)! They are absolutely beautiful. Worth every penny. They look waaay better in real life than even the pictures. I'm so glad I got them. Now I want them all, but I'll just have to wait. Maybe my b'day in february ...hehehe. Bless you.
-OP in the UK


blackrussian said...

So...we finally met in person...It was a BLAST!!! In retrospect, I feel sorry for the waitress because we held her table for 3 hours!

The tomoka's twists were LOVELY! I bought one set of twists and earrings only because I made myself choose my absolute FAVORITE (honey). I determined before I came that I would buy one and no more.(Transitioning jobs and money is about be TIGHT!!)

But I could have easily bought 5 more sets.

I don't know if you saw me Carmen, but I kept setting a few aside and then putting them back. Particularly the meean green and two other green ones, I'm not sire what they are called. I adored the blue-green-turquoise flat beads. That was my second favorite. Plus the ones with green and orange beads....sigh....

You have GOT to set up a booth at a hair show. I am sure you will sell out your inventory!

Hey! Don't forget Yolanda's earrings! I do believe she will come to High Point to get you if you don't make them and send them right away.

Ah...good times...

I am so happy for your success!

I guess I'll post my pics from the gathering in the next couple of days, I'll be back to ket you know when I do.

Carmen In NC Sisterlock Trainee said...

See, I didn't know you were coming. So meeting you was a wonderful surprise.

Don't worry about the waitress. They probably plan for it. I know they get the built in 15% gratuity. I think we were an easy group for her.

I know about having to set limits when it comes to spending. Plus, don't worry about not buying them all. You have to leave some splurge money for the up and coming ones. I do remember you commenting on the green/turquois clay beads. For some reason I would never buy them, but would pick them up when I saw them. I think I got the small round beads and they were too small to use alone. I held onto them. Then one day I lucked up and saw the larger disks. I put it all together and it works. I didn't even post them.

I'm afraid to do a booth, but I need to. I keep saying that I'm being selfish with not trying to go big with this. Tomoka's Twists work and they're cute. I had a dream last night that I was hustling them at VCU - my alma mater. Dreams prepare you for what's to come.

And a million and one thank you's Blackrussian.

blackrussian said...

Hey girl!

I know you can sell them anywhere. I mean anywhere there's jewelry and crafts, but especially anywhere there's natural hair. You should definitely look into doing some natural hair shows or other events like musical festivals where you know there will be a lot of nappy-headed folk!

If you ever want a travel partner, my offer still have my offline contact info and we can work something out...Speaking of which, I'm attending a free event for women entrepreneurs in January. I'll e-mail you the link and details! You're welcome to join me if you think you'll benefit...and it's in Miami!!!

Maryee said...

Cute SNPD!