Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ciara's Ear is Healed, Tires & Mr. Arkansas

Last night I greased Ciara's ear with some Egyptian Magic I had in the refrigerator. I have two bottles and put on in there to keep it from going rancid if it does that. Today, she had her ears perked up and I couldn't tell which had been infected. Praise God for giving Egyptians the knowledge of which plants and animal stuff will heal my dog's ear. The tea tree oil got the offensive stuff out and the EM healed her scratched up ear.

Now, remember that Crown Victoria. A main tire blow out during a fast stop and fish tail. Then the spare one blew out. I'm sorta glad it happened on Sunday when only one of us has to go to work - ME. But there are no cheap tire places open on Sunday. We are not buying all four tires! Especially when this guy is selling these rims with the tire for $200.

I feel like playing all of Kanye West's songs.

And thank you mister Arkansas man who pulled over to help me and gave me a Christian booklet. Eventhough I don't represent a religous group I do represent the group of people who try to do what's right.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the blow out. Glad someone stopped to help you. I remember when I had a blow-out on the freeway and everyone yelled all sorts of expletives and "can I get with you's?"...which I didn't understand. Be a gentleman and help a sistah out!!

Carmen In NC said...

Mr. Arkansas didn't help with the tire, but offered to help and gave me some Christian book to read. I called Nike and he came to my rescue.

Moosiko said...

In response to your earlier post on my blog about dogs calming down: I have found that Terriers, of any type, are the least calm dogs there are. My girl has calmed down significantly over the years but hey, look at her age. She still enjoys chasing Fed Ex trucks and mail carriers though. You have at least 10 more years of excitement and friskiness left in your baby.
Also, I am glad that your baby is doing fine. I'll have to use some of your natural suggestions to save me a Vet visit every time something is wrong.

n'Drea said...

Glad to know Ciara is all right now. Sorry about the blow out. Glad everything worked out.