Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sisterlocks = Camera

I'm cheap about certain things. I'm cheap about electronic stuffs. It takes me a years to finally buy anything electronic. Even after a year of searching out laptops I still heard folks say, you could have gotten it cheaper. I spent too much on my townhouse, I could have gotten a "real" house. "Real" houses come with "real" yards too. And to keep it 'real' I'll never mow a grass, NEVER. The newest thing I'm being cheap about is a digital camera. I could take better pictures of Ciara and myself and of course my Sisterlocks. I priced some Kodaks and they have refurbished ones online $86 for the Kodak Easyshare with 5.1MP and 3x optical something. I even have a gift card for Best Buy $15 that would help a little. That same camera there was $129 on sale. This is about to kill me. Ebay. I don't want to really buy a used camera that is mint condition except it's missing the case, some of the buttons, and doesn't do all the tricks it's supposed to do and only been dropped from the top of the Grand Canyon once. When I do finally get over my cheapness, I like to buy it new cause everything is supposed to work. If not, I can take it back with no problems.

What does this have to do with sisterlocks? Well, I even heard, "You spent all that money on your hair, you could have bought two cameras." You get a BOO and a HISS.

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