Saturday, March 3, 2007

My first Day March 3, 2007

Today after months of waiting for this day and hours of installation - I have SISTERLOCKS. Thank you Miss Ayana of Ayana's Glory Locs - you are the truth.
Here are some pictures of three years and five months of me with natural hair. First is a pic one New Year's Day 2007. Second is a blowout. The third is my air dried hair with no products. I had my afro rounded so my sisterlocs would have an even, fuller style.


muslimahlocs said...

from gorgeous hair to gorgeous hair. it can only get better. our goal is for our daughter to be natural her entire life.

Carmen In NC said...

I wish I would have stayed natural, but i just had to have a relaxer. I also wish I would have found out about Sls sooner.

blackrussian said...

We were locked the same month. I will be quite interested to track your progress. So many of the women I admire and identify with have been at this (blogging AND SLs) for months and years longer. I feel like such a newbie. It's nice to come across someone else who is at more or less the same stage.